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What do we do?

Our mission is to bring self-service business intelligence to the masses, turning smart data discovery into actionable information for everyone.

Our story began back in 2006 when we decided to challenge the conventional ways of doing business intelligence.

We realised that we could harness the power of search-engine technology to build solutions for business intelligence, data warehousing, data integration and data entry that are both incredibly easy-to-use and highly responsive.

Countless implementations, numerous case studies and a selection of industry award recognitions later, we are still determined to provide best-in-class self-service business intelligence software across several industries such healthcare, finance, local authority, entertainment and more.

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OK, but what is CXAIR?…

Discover more through the power of search.

CXAIR is a world-class self-service business intelligence solution that utilises search-engine technology to empower your organisation and its users to become more efficient and drive higher profits. Siloed data is fully integrated to provide a holistic view of performance and ad-hoc reporting, charting and analysis can be done in seconds or minutes, not weeks or months.


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Redefining Data Analytics Through Search

Find out why search engine technology is shaping the future of data analytics and reporting

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  • Querying

    Users of CXAIR have the ability to explore their data, structured or unstructured using ‘natural language’ search engine style queries.

  • Crosstabs

    Crosstabs enable users to have a multi-dimensional view of their data on top of any custom filters that they have active.

  • Dashboards by Pages

    Pages provides the power to position your reports anywhere without the visual restrictions of traditional reporting packages.

  • Infographic Reporting

    Showcase your data in easily digestible, visually striking infographic reports that deliver actionable insight to key decision makers.

  • Interactive Venn Diagrams

    By generating fully customisable Venn Diagrams over huge data sets, key relationships can be discovered and demographics strategically targeted.

  • Viewer

    Viewer provides a simplified interface allowing business users to view, drill down and filter pre-canned reports and dashboards.


  • Healthcare

    Benefit from a secure, connected view of patient and other healthcare data that can be easily queried and analysed.

  • Councils & Local Authority

    Streamlining reporting processes allows local authorities to make more informed decisions in less time, with less expense.

  • Hospitality & Leisure

    Profile customers and track spending patterns to improve customer experience and drive additional revenue streams.

  • Retail

    Obtain a complete view of transactional data, adding value to a variety of departments within the business and supply chain.

  • Manufacturing

    Improve efficiency and remove the dependency on IT professionals and complex computer systems to support lean manufacturing.

  • Financial Services

    Gain a holistic view of your financial data, enabling analysis over customer information and internal figures and targets.

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