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Key Benefits

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Unify siloed data from across your organisation into a central platform including structured, semi-structured and unstructured data

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Streamline operations with a holistic view of your operational and organisational data

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Build a single view of the customer to show usage and billing history to improve customer satisfaction and experience

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Create a unified real-time single view of the supply chain from creation to distribution

Recent years have seen an increase in smart devices within homes and the demand is set to only increase with the growing ‘Internet of Things’. Utility companies are now able to use data discovery tools to help make sense of this data to better understand consumer usage and bill consumers more accurately, as well as saving on operational costs.

CXAIR can quickly help utilities to easily integrate disparate data from across the organisation to streamline operations and improve customer satisfaction. Once data has been integrated into a single view of the customer, reporting and analysis can be done to compensate with decision makers.

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