User Training

Course Duration: 2 days

This course is designed to give users the understanding of how to search, analyse and report on data by creating Crosstabs, Charts, Venn diagrams, Pages and Dashboards.

Who Should Attend?

The course is designed to cater for a range of skill sets ranging from Business users, analysts to Technical IT Staff, who plan to use CXAIR for searching, ad-hoc analysis and business reporting.

Course Benefits

Upon completion of this course, attendees will be able to:

  • Understand the core concepts behind CXAIR
  • Learn how to search across multiple indexes and search engines
  • Build Boolean expressions for complex searches
  • Filter, rank and sort search results
  • Define range searches for advanced filtering
  • Build basic Crosstabs, Charts and Interactive Venn diagrams
  • Define calculations and add totals to tables and charts
  • Build Pages and Dashboards containing queries, charts and visualisations
  • Customise the style of search results and Dashboard/ Pages elements
  • Load, Save and Publish reports and queries
  • Create report schedules for automated report delivery

Course Content

The following topics will be covered during this course:

Introduction to CXAIR

  • Core Concepts

Searching and Filtering

  • Home Screen
  • Basic Searching
  • Boolean Operators
  • Range Searches
  • Advanced Filtering
  • Dynamic Filtering

Save and Load

  • Folder Structures
  • Combined Queries
  • Publishing and Sharing
  • Setting up Report Schedules

Venn Diagrams

  • Set Creation
  • Unique Counts
  • Venn Interface

Crosstabs and Charts

  • Defining Rows and Columns
  • Using Saved Queries
  • Grouping Data
  • Measures and Calculations
  • Layouts and Report Structure
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Ranking and Thresholds
  • Using Charts


  • Pages Structure – Flow
  • Standard Element
  • Gauges
  • Page and Element Properties
  • Layers and Tiling
  • Transformations
  • Break Fields
  • Layout

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