Technical Architecture

Course Duration: 1 day


This course is designed to provide System Integrators, Software Architects and Developers with a detailed technical appreciation of how CXAIR is architected.

Who Should Attend?

System Integrators, Software Architects and Developers who need to understand the underlying Architecture of CXAIR from a deployment, integration or technical appreciation perspective.

Course Benefits

Upon completion of this course, attendees will be able to:

  • Understand how index data is built, stored and optimised for fast retrieval
  • Understand how threads are allocated and used by CXAIR
  • Understand how different indexing methods physically store and retrieve data
  • Understand the basic composition of a search engine
  • Optimise index configuration to reduce storage and increase performance
  • Understand the benefits of different querying techniques
  • Understand core concepts behind document level security and authorisation
  • Understand how to integrate CXAIR with other 3rd party systems
  • Identify core components for data migration across multiple environments
  • Understand how CXAIR handles memory and allocates system resources
  • Configure CXAIR for optimal performance

Course Content

The following topics will be covered during this course:

Technical Overview

  • Logical Architecture
  • Physical Architecture
  • Component Interactions

Core Components

  • Configuration Database
  • Index Builder
  • Indexes

User Interface

  • Administration
  • End User
  • Report Viewer
  • Report Reader
  • Report Executor


  • Terms
  • Free Text
  • Fuzzy Matching
  • Ranges
  • Estimation

Search Engines

  • Data Sources
  • Data Source Groups
  • Indexes
  • Search Engines


  • Authentication
  • Authorisation
  • Realms
  • Permissions
  • Features

Index Storage

  • Physical
  • Versioning
  • Documents


  • Web Services
  • Javascript
  • JSP and Java
  • Custom Adapters
  • Social Media

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