Waging War

Thursday 9 December 2010

What an interesting couple of years it has been! The economic crisis has impacted everyone on a global scale. Economies have been in meltdown, businesses going bust, almost everyone forced to re-examine the things that were previously taken for granted and try to work out how to avoid being dragged down into the doom and gloom of economic uncertainty.

Out of the darkness cometh the light as they say– Certain things that were not getting a lot of airtime are now worth listening to. There are other ways of doing things, other ways of de-risking, reducing outgoings, making sure you protect and maximise whatever assets you might still have.

It’s also a time for caution. Things that may have seemed “must have” or “irreplaceable” are now being scrutinised more and more and in some cases becoming “nice to haves” or “worth seeking alternatives”.

I read with increased interest about some of the challenges facing the IT industry and how this relates to the bigger economy. I think about what the “big boys” are up to and how they are going to protect their shareholder value and ride out the storm.

From what I see, a colossal battle awaits.

Google have just unveiled their Chrome OS notebook as part of a pilot programme aimed at people who “live on the web” alongside their Android OS for mobiles – seems a great idea to me.

Cloud computing is continuing to grow and gain acceptance as an economical and “clever” way of reducing IT spend whilst increasing availability and scale – makes perfect sense to me.

Apple is growing and growing on the back of their super cool handheld devices, iPods, iPhones, iPads, the App Store and iTunes are now established online marketplaces – we use all of the above almost every day.

So who is going to lose out?

How is Microsoft going to take this on the chin and come back fighting?

Isn’t it already common knowledge that Windows 7 is likely to be the last version of the Windows OS?

If the Google OS is free (which it is) and everyone uses Open Office (not quite true today, but take up is increasing), where are Microsoft’s license revenues going to come from? What has Microsoft got up their sleeves?

I know they’ve now got their own phones (a bit behind the curve here) and they’ve brought out that new “Nintendo Wii” busting “Motion Censor Controller” for the XBOX – but what else have they got?

Is this rolling juggernaut going to be able to change direction quick enough to keep up and overtake some of the new kids on the block?

For now, I am nailing my colours to the new Google OS, the Cloud and Apple’s amazing hardware stack… however, I am sure there are many more twists and turns in the latest race for global domination!

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