Seeing is Believing

Friday 11 July 2014

Isn’t that so true!!!!

When a developer says to me something’s fixed, I don’t believe them. It’s an easy way of buying time, starting the con, sourcing the wool to pull over my suspicious eyes…

Away from work, what are we all seeing? Andy Murray playing great until that last game when he played like an Englishman. The ”Tour de France” where our greatest keep falling off their bikes, the cricket (which I don’t want to talk about) and then there’s the World Cup…

Watching the footy and seeing the way the players dive to try to buy free kicks and get people sent off… seeing truly is believing. The World’s gone mad. Everyone thinks we’re stupid. I don’t buy it, won’t buy it and will turn over to avoid trying it…

We are constantly seeing the good and the bad.
The bites, the knees in the back, the wake at the airport when the England team landed and were met with a man with a sign saying “losers”.

Seeing truly is believing. We are so reliant on our core senses; sight, smell hearing, touch and taste…

In the World Cup as an avid England fan, I saw a team of people who couldn’t see where the goal was, couldn’t sniff out the opposition, couldn’t hear the crowd trying to get them to man up, couldn’t touch the ball and definitely couldn’t even get close to tasting success.

In my little world of IT, the visual side of things is extremely important. When I think of the olden days when I had to write an editor because no software existed that could edit my code, or tried to Poke and Peek to store and retrieve the most simple of calculations, where we are today is a million miles ahead of where we were when I started off.

The technology we use today is incredible – in fact it’s ineffable.

Children no longer chew on plastic Lego and stickle bricks but gnaw away on iPads and Androids.

Children don’t lug around arms full of books but take 170 gram eReaders and Kindles in their bags and pockets.

Children expect to be able to swipe their TV’s, expand the screen, blue tooth this that and everything onto their sound system.
3G, 4G and whatever G wherever they are, whenever they like.

I’ve seen it! I believe it!

Expectations are high. The bar has been raised. Everything needs to be obvious.

If you need training to use stuff these days forget it.

It’s all about visualisation, making things so obvious that what you’re trying to show smacks you in the face – irrespective of age…

… So what do we do?

… We write clever reporting stuff.

… Stuff that does incredibly complex things.

… Things that other people don’t do because it’s too difficult.

Our team of geeks love it.

So what’s our biggest challenge?

Making difficult things easy…

Making our geeky developers appreciate that not everyone has 12 fingers and 15 toes.

Seeing is believing and this is the mantra we have to try to make difficult, simple.

So if you’re under 10 and want to do some kick ass BI and put your parents into a spin check out CXAIR. Seeing truly is believing!!!

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