Keeping Ahead of the Future

Wednesday 25 August 2010

I remember when someone was asked to come up with a phrase that described some new high tech software we had just come up with about 10 years ago.

They came up with “how about keeping ahead of the future? ”

I looked at the guy quizzically and tried to sound impressed whilst my mind tried to work out whether this was complete clap trap or actually quite clever.

As I tried to juggle around my head the principles of time travel, different dimensions, the Tardis and other similar mind boggling concepts I came to the conclusion that it was a load of rubbish and made no sense what so ever.

I am all for leading and in fact bleeding edge technology but keeping ahead of the future was one step too far for me.

Trying to keep ahead of the curve (which in reality means keeping ahead of Microsoft) has always been something I have felt necessary to do. Following the masses is fine however how do you differentiate yourself from everyone else?

By being a head of the game.

By being ahead of the market trends.

(And dare I say it)
By keeping ahead of the future?

As our core business is the development of business intelligence software, we have always looked at being innovative and how we can best advance current findings in research and turn them into something new, usable and most importantly sellable in what is an increasingly competitive commercial landscape.

Utilising search engine technology instead of traditional RDBMS or OLAP databases is one way we have found to enable us to compete against the big boys. We apply innovative features and capabilities over what is extremely fast and exciting technology to provide a fresh new angle on traditional BI.

Self-service BI that is as easy and fast to use as Google. We may not have discovered a new dimension but we have discovered something that we believe is ahead of the game.

It’s difficult to put into a few words what we are able to offer in terms of speed of deployment, ease of use, value for money, leading edge technology, innovative and modern etc…, etc… so I am going for…

CXAIR – Keeping ahead of the future. Try it and see what you think!

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