The World Is Getting Smaller By The Day

Friday 20 August 2010

Born in the late 60’s and not knowing any friends who had flown until my teens or even had relatives who’d worked, lived or holidayed abroad is almost unbelievable today.

People think nothing of flying halfway across the world for a week in the sun or a business trip. The world seems so much smaller.

When I was younger I did what most of my friends did for holiday. We stayed in the UK and went to Wales.

My own kids (who are now as tall as me and equal in almost every respect other than the fact Dad pays for everything) expect to go abroad at least once a year. Usually once with the school (Cheddar Gorge was the most extravagant school trip I went on) and once with the Mum and Dad although this is unlikely to last much longer now my son is close to leaving home to go to University.

When I was younger I used to love the magic of going away on holiday.

Pretending to help with the packing but generally getting in the way (something I still do today). Helping Dad to layer polythene and spider ropes over the cases on the roof rack before cramming myself into the back of the car. Trying to find room for my legs over the piles of bags stacked in the foot well. Then the layers of blankets, towels and sleeping bags lining the seats and parcel tray at the back.

Handled with almost military precision, every meal had been mapped out, every required cooking utensil and ingredient stashed away, every pound of spending money budgeted for throughout the week.

Everything would follow the same pattern every year. We would set off on the same day of the week, the same month of the year on the same route from the Midlands to the start of the Welsh Mountains.

After a couple of hours of driving we would stop for some fish and chips wrapped in newspaper before starting the climb up the mountains dodging sheep, goats and falling cases to North West Wales. Then it was two weeks in a caravan listening to the rain fall on the tinny roof, with misted up windows and no room to swing a cat (we had a dog anyway)…Great memories…

As soon as I managed to get a part time job I started saving up for two things – extra gear for my computer and a holiday abroad.

I sometimes look back to that day and try to think what the allure of going abroad was to me. Was it the UK weather or was it a growing feeling of independence I had and the recognition that the world was so much bigger and I wanted to see more of it?

Fortunately my career in IT has allowed me to travel all around the world and whilst I have more knowledge of the quality and prices of the hotels that I have stayed in than the countries themselves, I have been able to meet and socialise with people of all nationalities and backgrounds which has been a real education!

In business, my company Connexica primarily sells through partners. Recently we have acquired partners in America, Canada, Ireland, India, South Africa, Dubai, Bahrain, Portugal, Germany and the Netherlands.

Ironically we don’t yet have a partner operating out of Wales however perhaps this might soon change?

All of this offers me plenty more opportunity to fly! The world is so much smaller than I remember it which is great as there are so many things to see and interesting people and businesses to work with.

If anyone reading this blog is interested in partnering with us please drop us an email.

There are loads of opportunities to push our leading edge BI technology into new territories and markets.

… and of course if you operate out of North Wales, get in touch now! I know somewhere to stay…

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