The Outlook’s Cloudy

Monday 20 September 2010

Working in IT you have to constantly keep your eye out for the latest innovative gizmos and tricks of the trade that allow you do flashier and flashier stuff in your web browser. We keep searching for new innovative products and services that spring up out of nowhere. Looking to back the ones we think might take off and become main stream in the next 6 to 12 months.

The pace of change is rapid. Hardware is getting faster, software is getting sexier and yet at the same time things are getting cheaper.

The market demands that this is the case. The more there is of something, the less valuable something is perceived to become. Sure the big boys do their best keep to prices up even if that’s by making their software solutions require oodles and oodles of services and training and putting their profits into implementation, program management and consultancy.

The public are not stupid however. There is so much out there that is free or costs less than your monthly phone subscription, the way people buy and what they consider to be value for money has changed. People expect (demand in fact) more for less.

So as a software supplier what is the outlook like for us?

The software as a service (SaaS) model is not new (few things REALLY are in IT they’re just improved and rebadged) however it is now seen as an essential offering that any serious software provider needs to think long and hard about.

People like “Pay as you go”. This method of payment is no more widely used than in telecoms. Pay for calls as you need them. Watch your credit and when you need a bit more, either stop using your phone or buy a top–up.

So what does this mean if you’re a software supplier trying to sell software licenses to SMEs and the big blue chip companies?

It means that you need to provide different buying options to the customer and be extremely flexible from a pricing perspective or you’ll die.

The ray of light at the end of the tunnel is actually a cloudy mixture of new technology and examples of “innovative gizmos, new tricks of the trade and new innovative products and services”.

We as software suppliers can also pay as you go. We can buy capacity at an ISP that is adequate for our needs and then add and subtract capacity as demand grows or declines for the services we decide to put on these machines. We get security, backups, built–in redundancy. Hardware failures can go unnoticed with virtual servers swapping systems and data from one system to the other at the speed of light – and all for a price that suits the market.

What’s more we can say we are “in the cloud”. You don’t need to worry about buying hardware. Get a big pipe onto the Internet and your laughing.

The cloud is here. It’s accessible. It’s fast and secure. It’s supported by technology and gizmos. It’s SaaS and its here to stay.

CXAIR is an example of leading edge BI technology that is superfast and ideal for the web and the cloud. We will be looking at investing time and money into creating new services that have an appeal to the consumer not just the massive enterprises and SME markets.

This is the natural evolution of IT. Its piggy backing off a wave of new technology and an appetite to pay for things as you use them. Driven by necessity and possible through the ingenious discoveries of many very clever people things are changing.

We’re going to make sure we’re part of it!

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