Chalk, Cheese and Feature Comparison

Friday 26 October 2012

As the creators of CXAIR, a really simple to use business intelligence tool that is built on search technology, we often get asked how we compare to other similar products on the market.

The thing is that all of the concepts and designs are geared around usability, simplicity and speed, not by trying to copy or mimic all of the legacy BI tools that do the “same old thing” in the “same old way” as everything else.

For this reason a blow for blow feature comparison is going to be pretty meaningless.

None the less, here is an attempt to compare CXAIR to other BI tools:

Feature Traditional BI CXAIR by Connexica Notes
Ease of Use Hadron Collider Rock Hammer Simplicity often outshines complexity. CXAIR is easy to understand and obvious how to use.
Innovation, Performance and Reliability US School Bus Tesla Roadster Built from the ground up, CXAIR is designed to be speedy, efficient and reliable. Traditional BI is mature and functional but based on proven techniques and technologies that were relevant over 30 years ago. New technologies such as search engines make SQL based BI, legacy.
Flexibility Concrete Step Barrier Traffic Cone It’s easier to move a traffic cone! CXAIR has a lighter hardware footprint than traditional BI and can be applied across structured and unstructured data.
Speed and Agility Aircraft Carrier Speed Boat SQL was designed for storing transactional data. Search engine technology was designed for lightning fast data retrieval over huge data volumes. CXAIR can index over 30 million records an hour using regular hardware and query across millions of rows with sub-second response times.
Value for Money Andriy Shevchenko (to Chelsea) 9 goals for £30M Thierry Henry (to Arsenal) 174 goals for £11.5M Traditional BI is expensive to license and expensive to implement. CXAIR can be installed in 10 minutes and configured to query and search across your data in a matter of hours.
Relevance to today’s requirements David Blain Dynamo CXAIR was built using today’s technology which itself has been built to satisfy today’s problems. With the huge year on year growth in data volumes, the need for business users to have direct access to larger and larger data sets has never been so great. CXAIR has never been so relevant to today’s business requirements.

So there you have it… “A chalk and cheese or apples and pears comparison guide”.

Not exactly scientific but hopefully sheds a little light on why CXAIR is different to traditional BI tools…

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