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Taking a risk with a career in Business Analytics

Wednesday 22 January 2014

As someone who works within the Marketing industry and currently studying for a Marketing degree, my main areas of interest include branding, design, content marketing and social media marketing. Similar to my colleague Jenny who wrote the previous blog post, before I started working at Connexica I had never even heard of Business Analytics let alone discussed the difference between a data warehouse and indexes or SQL vs. natural language queries, and wondered was I the only novice?

As someone who is usually quite risk averse, I made the unusual decision to apply for a job at a company whose product I didn’t quite understand. But as any good potential employee should, prior to my interview at Connexica I did my best to research the company and what they do, giving me enough knowledge to complete a successful interview and receive a job offer, but the learning had only just started…

At first I felt pretty useless (and confused!) when other staff members discussed the product (a lot of these conversations may as well have been in another language) or when I was reading articles about B.I and Analytics and they made no sense to me. I had a few moments of panic when I questioned how I was going to market a solution I didn’t even understand.

But like many things, understanding the world of Business Analytics is a learning curve that can’t necessarily be achieved in a couple of weeks, and as time has gone by as I’ve experienced more of life at Connexica and the world of analytics software, I feel more and more knowledgeable about our product CXAIR, and the industry as a whole.

I believe reading countless articles, blogs and tweets is a great way of learning, and in particular asking questions even if you’re worried you won’t sound very intelligent. Now I’m not saying I could answer technical questions about CXAIR or win a business analytics themed quiz! But it has been a personal challenge that hopefully I am well on the way to conquering.

Though it has only been 5 months since I started, I have already gained more from this job than I imagined, with a new found knowledge in both marketing and the business analytics industries. As mentioned previously, I would not generally consider myself a risk taker but in this case taking a risk and applying for a job that wasn’t necessarily 100% in my comfort zone, has most definitely paid off. All in all, a decision well made, so thank you to the rest of Connexica for putting up with my questions!!

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