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Socially Challenged

Friday 25 April 2014

Did you know that one of the most influential people alive today is Justin Bieber?

According to Klout he has a popularity score of 95 out of 100.

So if you need helping out, someone to help you get that contract, get that planning permission, get you that job at the BBC or on the next flight into space, Bieber is your man.


Apparently I have a popularity score of 13… to be honest, in my household at the moment that’s bordering on generous. If you need any help whatsoever, don’t ask me I’m a nobody.

So how do we come up with this ludicrous rating system? Some people take this extremely seriously…
It’s a rating system based on how much you’re into Social media…How many Twitter Followers you have, how many Facebook friends you have, how many posts and status updates you make…

I must be socially inept.

My Facebook friends are my friends. I have no fans (that I know of) but I did setup my own private Twitter account during the riots in 2011 and posted a couple of sarcastic tweets after too many glasses of Shiraz. 50 friends and 2 Tweets and I get a score of 13?

Of course I have a corporate Twitter account @ConnexicaUK but that’s business, so can this be classed as social? Similarly my Linkedin connections are for business not pleasure (although some business is pleasurable…)
So why the obsession with followers, friends and Klout scores?

Is it down to social inadequacies or am I missing the point. Is the number of followers you have going to be the new Bitcoin, the new e-Currency by which you can be valued? Perhaps it’s the new Andy Warhol fame game thing?
Nothing would surprise me, which is why, despite me being a nobody according to Klout, I’m trying to boost our corporate followers on Twitter.


The irony of Social media is that I’m gaining followers through software, not through social interaction. Automatically following people that are interested in our kind of thing and triggering their software into following us back.
So Bieber has over 50 million followers and ConnexicaUK has just under 2000.


Come on everyone, don’t be a Belieber, be a disciple of ConnexicaUK.

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