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Single view of Procurement

100% visibility at all levels of the organisation

Connexica’s Single View of Procurement solution allows you to combine all of your internal and external data sets into a unified single view. Built on three key data principles – Visibility, Transparency and Trust.

Procurement Circle Diagram

Greater visibility of pricing provides greater capability for future negotiation

From a central Procurement & Supply Chain Portal, users now have the visibility required to interrogate all levels of procurement including:

Quickly and easily transform your data into digestible formats, providing users with the insight needed to analyse data from the entire supply chain i.e. suppliers, healthcare providers, departments, supply management and staff management.

Users can drill down from top level management summaries all the way through to transactional level data ensuring transparency, verification and insight that supports decision making. Unlock the data required to benchmark intra-organisation, inter-organisation, by STP and nationally, ensuring full transparency throughout procurement.

Gain the insight required to make the operational and organisational decisions required that will reduce costs and improve efficiencies

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