Service Management

Successfully managing the delivery of your analytics service on an ongoing basis to ensure that the system is available, reliable, and performing in an optimal way is crucial if it is to become a tool within your business that is trusted by your users and one which they can depend upon.

Yet all to often when planning for the introduction of a new reporting system, service management provisions are not adequately considered and the associated costs not properly recognised.

Assuming that “IT will deal with all that stuff” can be risky when your IT team already has enough on their plate and may not have the specialist skills required to address all aspects of the requirements of the new system. Competition for internal resources can lead to delays that extend implementation timelines, or negatively impact the ongoing efficient delivery of the service.

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Better Service – Lower Cost

Connexica provide a range of services that are available to organisations who want to de-risk these aspects of the programme. Our experts can keep your system running in a way which enables it to deliver to its full potential, allowing your internal teams to concentrate on their core activities. And when you compare the true costs of delivery via internal resource compared to the cost of outsourcing these services we’re confident that you will recognise the potential for making savings.

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