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Key Benefits

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Use interactive Venn diagrams to create complex segments of individuals based on common characteristics

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Build a single view of the organisation to understand customer behaviour, manage stock levels and track staff effectiveness

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Improve social media engagement through marketing dashboarding and sentiment analysis

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Obtain a complete view of transactional data, adding value to a variety of departments within the business and supply chain

As we have entered the digital age, retailers have had to keep up with the latest technology innovations to cater to customers varying needs, as well as analysing and reporting on their POS data. Retailers have never had so much information and there is a growing need for innovative tools to help them cope with the ever-increasing data volumes.

Self-service solutions like CXAIR gives retailers the ability to gain clearer insight from product, customer and sales data from across the organisation through one single view of information. With this information retailers can gain a holistic view of customer behaviour and buying habits, providing them with the ability to create more effective and targeted marketing campaigns.

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