CXAIR for Retail: Unify

Retail organisations can no longer rely on gut instinct alone to make business decisions that impact not only on the short and long term running of the organisation but also customer satisfaction and market share.

To stay ahead of the competition retailers need to adopt a ‘self-service’ data centric approach accessible by anyone within the organisation. The importance of combining data streams from across the organisation is key to the success of this approach.

CXAIR for Retail: Unify helps your organisation to move away from a fragmented approach to data and reporting providing users with a reliable data management platform enabling users to access information based on a “single version of the truth”.

Designed with business users in mind, the natural language querying and self-service report development capabilities enables users across the organisation to easily answers their own questions and to generate the insights required to drive higher profits, better customer satisfaction and overall organisational performance.

We selected CXAIR because of its scalability, friendly web-based user interface, and robust analytical features that help us to make fact-based decisions which impact our bottom line.

Zainab Salman ,
Senior Executive IT Projects ,

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  • Access a single accurate view of your organisational and operational data
  • Enable business users to carry out both ad-hoc and scheduled reporting helping them to uncover the answers to their questions
  • Share insight across the organisation with dashboards
  • Encourage a data centric culture
  • Quick and easy deployment

Create the basis for a data centric approach to data and report within your organisation and empower your business users with CXAIR for Retail: Unify

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