CXAIR for Retail: Protect

Retailers need to stay one step ahead of fraudsters at all times whether fraud is occurring via customers, people pretending to be customer or staff, hard earned assets and reputation is at risk, shrink is a serious issue facing many retailers.

With retailers margins under pressure the opportunity to shrink shrink can make all the difference between growth and loss.

CXAIR for Retail: Protect helps you to identify patterns, trends and anomalies in your data which highlight cases of potential fraud. Join data from across your organisation to gain a clear picture of activity and alert relevant team members where action is required. CXAIR helps you to reduce reputational damage and the financial impact it has on your organisation.


  • Create a robust foundation of joined up data which can be used to identify anomalies within your data such as repeat returns, refunds, damaged items etc
  • Protect your organisation and customers against fraud
  • Tackle fraud head-on
  • Increase levels of trust
  • Defend against reputational damage and associated costs
  • Quick and easy deployment

Fight crime head on and reduce the level of fraudulent activity within your organisation with CXAIR for Retail: Protect!

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