CXAIR for Retail: Marketing and Pricing

Regardless if you are on the high street, on the web or both understanding your customers is essential.

With many retailers still relying on traditional heavy discounts and transaction based loyalty programmes little headway is made against competitors. Consumers are looking for an experience rather than a transactional based relationship and traditional methods of spreadsheets and multiply platforms simply don’t provide retailers with the insight required.

CXAIR for Retail: Marketing and Pricing is changing the retail status quo. Our advance basket analysis solution provides you with a single accurate view of all of your data. Unlock a 360° view of your customer to understand habits, trends, lifetime value, demographics plus much helping you to target communication on a one to one basis.

CXAIR's insight helps you to identify churn rates and provides the insight required to develop a strategy to reduce rates. Unlock real-time insight into your marketing campaigns and assess the effectiveness of your targeting and messaging. CXAIR allows you to analyse pricing data to help drive future pricing strategies and profitability.

CXAIR has now become an integral part of our organisational and operational reporting [...] we are now able to automate the sales information categorised as per the end user’s requirements.

Shahanawaz Dalvi ,
IT Manager ,
Dubai Holding Group

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  • Unlock the granular level detail with basket analysis insight helping you target promotions and products
  • Identify customer churn rates allowing you to highlight the causes of churn and foster relationships to reduce churn rates
  • Improve customer satisfaction using techniques such as “sentiment analysis” to extract the meaning from unstructured text locked with social media and feedback forms
  • Measure the effectiveness of your campaigns in real time
  • Provide a personalised customer journey helping to increase loyalty and spend
  • Analyse historical pricing data to help you to determine future pricing strategies and drive profitability

Give your team the tools they require to effective and profitable campaigns with CXAIR for Retail: Marketing and Pricing!

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