CXretail: Insight

As retailers across the sector adopt an omni-channel approach it is vital that you stay ahead of your customers and competitors by unlocking the insight held within the vast quantities of data you collect to provide both service and products which exceed others.

The ability to map the end to end journey of your customers allows you to understand their specific needs and tailor products and services to meet their ever changing requirements.

CXRETAIL – Insight provides retailers with the ability to test and trail various models to help assess scenarios and better understand the impact they will make on your organisation and customers.

Perhaps you want to understand what impact a new location for your distribution warehouse will have on your organisation, will stores be affected? Will you need more staff? How will distribution routes be altered? CXRETAIL – Insight allows you to test your models and make adjustments prior to implementation.

  • Robust model testing prior to going ‘live’ with decisions
  • Unlock the granular level detail your organisation holds to help drive promotions, customer experience and products
  • Reduce risk and manage costs by validating decision making before investing
  • Stay ahead of the competition by evolving your current analytics offerings to introduce next-generation ‘prescriptive’ analytics into your organisation’s decision-making toolkit

Take your organisation to the next level by testing strategic theories with CXRETAIL-Insight and provide your customers with both a tailored experience and products.

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