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Take Control of your data

Retailers are currently facing what is described as a “perfect storm” with rising employment costs, increasing business rates and high inflation many retailers are struggling and it doesn’t stop there retailers face ever growing pressure with tighter margins, competition both at home and on an international scale and increasing customer demands. Retailers have more data at their fingertips than ever before, data streams in from social media, the supply chain, multiple customer touchpoints, loyalty programmes plus much more, interpreting this data can really make the difference between success and failure.

Designed for the retail sector CXRETAIL solutions help you to stand out from other retails, provide a personalised customer journey and manage and monitor operational activity efficiently helping you to beat the storm. Seamlessly manage your supply chain in real-time to ensure stock levels are in line with demand helping you to increase customer experience and reducing associated costs. Ensure EU regulatory compliance is met and standards are maintained and protect your organisation against shrinkage.

It’s time to take back control of your data and unlock the insight required to truly transform your organisation into a self-service data lead retailer.


Harness the power of all the data your organisation holds with ‘self-service’ reporting and analytics, helping to you become a data centric organisation.
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Gain the transparency required ensure you remain on target by tracking and managing your organisation with real-time KPIs.
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Identify and tackle fraudulent customer and employee activity and reduce the amount of fraudulent activity affecting your organisation.
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Test and trial possible scenarios you are looking to implement to reduce risk and maximise your strategy.
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Automate the GDPR requirements for documenting your data processing activities and build trust and transparency with your customers.
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Marketing and Pricing

Gain the visibility required to target customers better and use dynamic pricing to tailor your pricing to the customer journey.
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Supply Chain

Connect the disparate functions of your supply chain and enable transparency and collaboration, helping to increase customers experience.
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