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Streamlining clinical audit and bringing data to life.

QUEST is an innovative mobile data collection tool that’s underpinned by Connexica’s market-leading data management and analytics platform providing nursing teams with real-time data visualisations.

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QUEST, developed in partnership with Sheffield Teaching Hospitals (STH) NHS Foundation Trust, was developed to streamline the clinical audit data collection process and enhance reporting on these critical measures.

Upon deployment, STH noted an immediate and significant impact upon their working practices. Welcomed by the front-line nursing staff, the audit completion rate has risen from 60% to 100% every month.

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Audits cover a wide range of checks and measures – from numbers of falls and instances of bed sores on a ward, to the daily pharmaceutical fridge checks, weekly medicine management checks, and monthly health & safety checklists – with information typically collected by front-line nursing staff as part of their regular duties.

A QUEST application screenshot showing a caring form

Powered by CXFORMS, Connexica’s advanced form builder, QUEST’s intuitive interface gives users the power to create sophisticated web- based forms and workflows, streamlining data collection processes.

A QUEST application screenshot showing a report

QUEST gives Ward Sisters, Matrons, Nurse Directors, Chief Nurses and Board executives the same, single access point. Providing a role appropriate view of the hospital as a whole or, subject to security controls, allowing them to drill down into individual directorate or ward’s data.

What Our Customers Say…

Before QUEST, compliance was running at about 60%. We’re now at 100%, month in, month out

Emma JoelNurse DirectorSheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS FT

QUEST’s core dashboards reflect the five domains of the CQC’s inspection framework, making it easier to evidence both compliance and improvements to patient care

Paul SawfordSenior Information AnalystSheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS FT

I no longer have to find a folder to check if water audits have been done for the last 12 months, I can see it in a glance

Emma JoelNurse DirectorSheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS FT

QUEST is powered by CXAIR and CXFORMS; developed in partnership with Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust.

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