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CXAIR is a data discovery and data preparation platform that negates the need for a relational database by using Apache Lucene search engine technology to store, combine, manage, manipulate and transform structured and unstructured data.


Users of CXAIR have the ability to explore their data, structured or unstructured using ‘natural language’ search engine style queries.

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Pages provides the power to position your reports anywhere without the visual restrictions of traditional reporting packages.

CXIAR Infographic Reporting Screenshot

Infographic Reporting

Showcase your data in easily digestible, visually striking infographic reports that deliver actionable insight to key decision makers..

CXIAR Interactive Venn Screenshot

Interactive Venn Diagrams

By generating fully customisable Venn Diagrams over huge data sets, key relationships can be discovered and demographics strategically targeted.

CXIAR Cross Tabs Screenshot


Crosstabs enable users to gain a multi-dimensional view of their data and produce KPIs and business reports

CXAIR Viewer Screenshot


Viewer provides a simplified interface allowing business users to view, drill down and filter pre-canned reports and dashboards.



CXFORMS allows users to easily create data collection forms via our simple drag and drop interface. Learn more

Case Studies

Healthcare Cross Icon


Benefit from a secure, connected view of patient and other healthcare data that can be easily queried and analysed.

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Retail Icon


Obtain a complete view of transactional data, adding value to a variety of departments within the business and supply chain.

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Manufacturing Icon


Improve efficiency and remove the dependency on IT professionals and complex computer systems to support lean manufacturing.

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Council Building Icon

Councils & Local Authority

Streamlining reporting processes allows local authorities to make more informed decisions in less time, with less expense.

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Hospitality Icon

Hospitality &

Profile customers and track spending patterns to improve customer experience and drive additional revenue streams.

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Finance Icon


Gain a holistic view of your financial data, enabling analysis over customer information and internal figures and targets.

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Here are a selection of our clients:

Progressive Building Society
North Somerset Community Partnership
Leek United Building Society
Maidstone Borough Council
Swale Borough Council
North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust
Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust
County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust
Swansea Building Society
Kent County Council
Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
West Berkshire Council

" Confident we will meet our projected savings goal of £4million"

Paul Rock, Fraud Manager, Kent County Council – Kent Intelligence Network

" The support we received from the team at Connexica was excellent"

Andy Sturtivant, TCA Project Manager, Mid Kent Improvement Partnership

" Being able to integrate an analytics tool that can draw on various data sources is exactly what we needed."

Stephen Boulton, Head of IT & Admin Services, Leek United Building Society

" Finally a tool which matches the name intelligence"

Manoj Vijayan, IT development manager, Aswaaq

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