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Ad-hoc querying is the cornerstone of self-service business analytics.

Users of CXAIR have the ability to explore their data using ‘natural language’ search engine style queries, as well as rapidly filtering results by simply clicking on values on the screen or generating different filters. By making the process of querying easy, the user can select the data they desire without having to rely on running pre-canned reports or SQL queries.

Dashboards by Pages

Dashboards need to tell a story and don’t always fit on one page.

Pages is the simplest way of organising charts, tables, lists , commentary and graphics into a professional and stylish dashboard report that can be created in minutes.

Most reporting solutions restrict how data can be formatted. Unlike other solutions, Pages provides the power to position your reporting data anywhere. Users can structure and group related data together, incorporating logos, pictures, images and text as if typing data into a publishing package. Pages allows users to present data without the visual restrictions of traditional reporting packages.

Infographic Reporting

Easily digest your data with visually striking, actionable infographics.

Using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, building high quality infographics for a variety of presentational purposes allows for efficient, timely interpretation of your data.

Showcasing data in a way that is both engaging and feature-packed should not be an arduous task with endless formatting restrictions. CXAIR utilises powerful display tools that do not compromise ease-of-use whilst allowing users the freedom to express data without limitations.

Interactive Venn Diagrams

Data visualisation has to be functional as well as visual.

Venn diagrams are an innovative way of displaying relationships within data, but rarely seen in business analytics solutions. Due to the speed of searching in CXAIR, users are able to generate, manipulate and drill down through Venns over huge data sets, providing insight into data relationships through a highly visual and intuitive interface.


Crosstabs are the best way of representing aggregated data.

CXAIR provides users with the ability to produce multi-dimensional Crosstabs on top of filtered data. Users can nest multiple fields as rows or columns, select multiple measures and calculations, apply traffic lighting and field formatting on any data and produce tables of results in real-time.  Charts are easily added alongside Crosstabs by selecting from a huge range of pre-defined chart types.


The ability to chart data is a key feature in any business analytics solution.

CXAIR allows users to pick and choose from an ever increasing library of visualisations that makes data easy to digest. Choices of visualisation include a wide range of charts, maps, and word clouds, and the ability to build and use your own custom charts and infographics.

Flow Reports

Not all reports are based solely on totals and charts.

CXAIR combines the best of traditional 132-character list reports with the latest in pixel perfect web reporting. Flow Reports are designed to be multipage reports, breaking down information into a series of repeating groups or sections. Flow Reports allow the user to combine formatted text, list style data, Crosstab, Venn and formatted HTML into a number of ordered sections.

CXAIR Viewer functionality


You don’t have to be a full CXAIR user to view CXAIR reports.

Viewer provides a simplified interface that allows business users to view, drill down, filter and print pre-canned reports and dashboards from their web browser.

Viewer is the main vehicle for sharing and managing the distribution of important information with the rest of your organisation.

CXFORMS Dashboard


Easily design & distribute beautiful forms.

CXFORMS is the best form creation package for enterprise-wide data collection. With easy drag-and-drop form creation and integrated CXAIR analytics, CXFORMS skips the arduous design phase of data collection to give you an instant and intuitive view of your respondents.

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Case Studies

CXAIR is sold into a wide variety of industries through ourselves and our network of partners. We pride ourselves on the flexibility of CXAIR which allows the solution to work well within many different sectors for a range of purposes.

Finance and Banking

CXAIR is the leading supplier of Business Intelligence to Building Societies within the UK, CXAIR is also used throughout the financial services industry and Banks for data analysis and reporting.

The ability to self-service data now allows organisations of all sizes to manage their own reporting and analytics needs, enabling organisations to make more informed business decisions, empower staff and reduce the reliance on IT departments. CXAIR breaks down the traditional barriers of analysing separated datasets, by allowing uses to link vast and varied data sources to gain a clear understanding of their data.

The financial turbulence of recent years has seen an increase in regulatory requirements, affecting organisations within the financial services sector. With CXAIR, automated reporting ensures compliance at all times.

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CXAIR has been chosen by many healthcare organisations to help monitor and report across patient data.

The ability to analyse and connect data from multiple systems is a key requirement for healthcare analytics. In addition data security, governance and patient confidentiality make the analysis of health data a specialist task. CXAIR was originally written for the health industry and is used extensively within the NHS for the analysis of patient data in Foundation Trusts, CCGs, Community Interest Companies (CIC), HSCIC, and public and private care providers.

CXAIR provides you with a connected view of your patient data that can be easily queried and analysed by consultants, GP’s and other healthcare specialists, allowing organisations to improve operational efficiency, share information with trusted sources and improve patient care.

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Councils and Local Authority

Due to the large number of contractors and suppliers councils utilise, gaining a holistic view of their products and spending is extremely difficult. Councils have many disparate and disconnected systems and data sources that are difficult to access and report across.

CXAIR makes connecting these data sets easy, with its simple search based interface and one-click query functions. For data management and discovery CXAIR can revolutionise an outdated system in days, removing the need for multiple reporting systems and greatly increasing efficiency and ease of use. Streamlining the complex and outdated reporting process allows any local authority to make more informed business decisions on a much smaller timescale and budget.

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Hospitality and Leisure

From the creation of targeted marketing campaigns to the recording of new visitors and their spending habits, CXAIR has multiple roles in the hospitality and leisure sectors.

CXAIR is used to profile customers, analysing purchasing patterns, spending path through a venue, and use of loyalty rewards. This insight is used to improve the customer experience and drive additional revenue streams.

By understanding more about the customer through CXAIR’s simple ad hoc analysis capabilities, businesses can increase profit, reduce wastage and build brand recognition.

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CXAIR has been successfully implemented in many organisations within the retail industry and adds value to a variety of departments within the business and supply chain. Our solution is used to analyse transactional data. This includes identifying key performance indicators, aiding in stock and supply chain management, and playing a key role in the establishment, maintenance and running of a successful customer loyalty program.

Using smart data discovery and retail specific analytics that include banding and ranking algorithms, pattern recognition, market segmentation and basket analysis, a large proportion of businesses throughout the retail sector are benefiting from CXAIR.

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Stock-levels, work queues, production and efficiency data is analysed and consolidated using CXAIR, enabling users to see what stage of production certain products are at, and what could be done quicker or more efficiently. To support lean manufacturing, CXAIR vastly improves efficiency and removes the dependency on IT professionals and complex computer systems.

For large organisations that have implemented ERP/MRP solutions, CXAIR is able to provide an integrated reporting solution and ad hoc enquiry layer that consolidates data over all operational and back office systems, in a simple to use search-based interface.

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For marketing departments, the production of target lists for campaign management and lead generation involves dealing with a lot of unstructured, written and graphical content that has been authored by many different departments and systems. CXAIR allows users to gain a holistic overview of marketing data, providing simple, fast and insightful analysis of a client’s contacts, customers, web traffic, campaigns, promotions and call logs.

Using CXAIR organisations can create data segments based on peoples demographics, risk profile and influence. These segments are used to target campaigns, promotions, press releases and help develop brand awareness.

Marketers can gain unprecedented levels of insight into their customers’ requirements and behaviours with the use of CXAIR business analytics. CXAIR can be used as a solution for marketers or consultants to use as part of their own business analysis, or as part of the service they provide, helping their own customers gain more visibility into their marketing activities.

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Clients & Testimonials

Here are a selection of our clients:

Progressive Building Society



North Somerset Community Partnership

Leek United Building Society

Maidstone Borough Council

Swale Borough Council

North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust



Swansea Building Society

Kent County Council


Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust


Tamworth Borough Council

West Berkshire Council


The decision would deliver an annual £500,000 saving

Richard Tarring

Commercial Director, Sirona

Confident we will meet our projected savings goal of £4million

Paul Rock

Fraud Manager, Kent County Council – Kent Intelligence Network

The support we received from the team at Connexica was excellent

Andy Sturtivant

TCA Project Manager, Mid Kent Improvement Partnership

Being able to integrate an analytics tool that can draw on various data sources is exactly what we needed.

Stephen Boulton

Head of IT & Admin Services, Leek United Building Society

Finally a tool which matches the name intelligence

Manoj Vijayan

IT development manager, Aswaaq

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