Predictive Modelling

Harness the power of AI and Machine Learning, and take your analytics to the next level

Wouldn’t it be great if you were able to anticipate business issues before they occurred and knew in advance the best method for dealing with them? Or if before making a significant decision you were able to test out the available options and see the likely outcomes?

The predictive modelling module of Connexica’s CXAIR data management and analytics platform allows you to do precisely that – helping you to reduce business risk and steer a more effective course through the decision making process using the data that you already have at your disposal within the organisation.

Data Models

Using Bayesian Network concepts, the Connexica predictive modelling capability allows you to build graphical models based on your existing data sets which represents the probabilities of possible outcomes of events and how these events are conditionally linked.

Models created in this way can be interrogated directly by specialist data science users to understand relationships between data items and key factors that affect/contribute to outcomes of interest. The interactive nature of the model means that these users can make changes to particular variables and see the impact that this has on related aspects of the data, enabling them to test hypotheses and examine different potential scenarios.

Interactive Visualizations for Business Users

After a model has been created CXAIR’s visualisation options can be used to build interactive dashboards which highlight key data and associations within the model in a format more appropriate for distribution to business users.

All of the data exposed for predictive modelling purposes is held within the CXAIR data platform and so is subject to all of the standard robust and comprehensive CXAIR security and access controls.

Round-trip Weka/R Integration

To provide additional levels of flexibility, where statistical algorithms and analyses are required in addition to those provided by CXAIR Predictive Modelling capabilities, advanced statistical functions are delivered through close integration with external statistical packages/languages such as Weka/R and loading the augmented data back into the system.

The Benefits are Obvious

  • Plan more effectively and with greater confidence
  • Detect where use of your finite resources will be most effective to drive the organisation forward
  • Identify potential issues with the business before they occur based on patterns in the data and take action to course correct
  • Understand your business better – gain a better appreciation of how your customers behave and why they behave in that particular way
  • ‘Test out’ scenarios to understand their impact before committing budget and resources
  • Make decisions based on the evidence rather than intuition

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