CXAIR Platform

Your data, your way

Connexica’s CXAIR data discovery and analytics platform helps you turn the fragmented and disconnected data sets that you have under management across your organisation into a single, consolidated information asset which you can rely on to deliver accurate management reporting and actionable data insights.

Bring your data under control and deliver true data-driven decision-making


CXAIR effortlessly combines your structured, semi-structured and unstructured data to create a single consolidated information repository. Data is held in structured indexes that are optimized for lightning fast retrieval.


The native data discovery capabilities of CXAIR mean that business users can explore the organisation’s data in a way that makes getting the answers they need to do their jobs easy. Create a huge range of pre-canned analyses, reports and dashboards, personalised for your users according to their role and data access privileges. Use CXAIR to unlock the insights within your data and putting into the hands of those who can make best use of it.


Transform your organisation by delivering business change programmes underpinned by evidence-based actionable insights. Data-driven agile decision making based on near real-time data insights enables your organisation to respond quickly to an ever-changing environment, to remain competitive and stay one step ahead of the competition.

10 Benefits of CXAIR


A Single Version of Your Data Truth

‘single version of your data truth’ means that you always have a trusted source of information, a clear picture of your complete business, and that you get consistent and accurate answers to the questions you ask.


Evidence-Based Decision Making

Manage your business based on facts and evidence rather than ‘gut instinct’ and use the insights that the data discovery aspects of the CXAIR platform provides to drive evidence-based change within the organisation.


Empower Business Users

Put the information into the hands of those who need it the most and provide your users with direct access to the data they need to generate answers to their questions in an instant. Unlike other platforms users do not need any technical skills to be able to retrieve the information they need.


Reduce the Impact on IT

By giving your business users the ability to answer their own questions you can remove the pressure of a never-ending queue of information requests sitting with IT, freeing up your IT function to deliver more strategic objectives.


A Comprehensive Data Management and Analytics Solution

Traditional approaches to analytics require an amalgamation of different technologies to manage the data, to build the visualizations, and to distribute the resultant reports and dashboards to the end users. This increases the total cost of ownership of the solution and requires that the organisation has access to people with an advanced and varied skill base. CXAIR uniquely includes all of the component parts required of a data management and analytics solution all in one platform, meaning that you only need to purchase and learn how to maintain a single technology.


High Performance, Scalable and Robust

CXAIR is based on Apache Lucene search engine technology which stores data in a way that is optimised for rapid data retrieval. CXAIR scales effortlessly across the whole enterprise and delivers a lightning fast user experience, even over deployments with billions of records.


A Truly Affordable Option

CXAIR is a surprisingly affordable option when compared to competitor platforms – particularly when you consider that there is no need to purchase SQL Server or Oracle licences to support a separate data warehouse. When you consider the benefits to be derived, can you afford not to deploy CXAIR?


A Future-Proofed Investment

No business stands still. With the CXAIR platform you can continue to evolve and extend your data management and reporting system in line with the way your business changes by joining new data sets with existing assets and creating additional analytic outputs that look across the combined data landscape.


Flexibility of Approach

The flexible nature of a CXAIR deployments means that it can fit comfortably into your organisations existing IT infrastructure. For example, if you already have a data warehouse you might choose to continue to maintain it and to take a feed from it into the CXAIR platform to join it with data from other sources, or you may want to replace your existing data warehouse with CXAIR – the choice is yours!


Rapid Time to ROI

Install, load and connect data, and begin to deliver insights using CXAIR within a matter of days, providing significantly better time to ROI than traditional data management and BI deployments.

CXAIR - A Cost Effective Solution for Better Analytics

Read more about why opting for CXAIR can help you avoid the unanticipated costs that are typically experienced when implementing an analytics solution…

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