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Don’t let your data hold you back anymore. Your users need the ability to instantly discover the insights required to make the decisions needed to transform today into tomorrow.

Our intelligent technology combines data from across your organisation providing you with a single version of the truth. Transform everyone in your organisation into self-service data users and provide them with a data toolkit capable of answering even the toughest questions.

No one knows your data better than you,
so what are you waiting for!


The magic! CXAIR combines all of your structured, semi-structured and unstructured data to create a single searchable directory which you can quickly and easily question.


Unlock answers. Slice, dice and view your data how you want to, thousands of visualisations help you to view, analyse and share your insight.


The future. Transform your organisation and access a world of possibilities you never knew were possible.

What makes us different?


CXAIR’s core technology is built using Apache Lucene – the industry leading search engine that processes data far quicker than traditional technologies. Lucene’s lightning speed removes the need for pre-aggregation, providing you with instant access to all levels of data.


Don’t be constrained by your own data. CXAIR gives you responsible access to all of it, not parts of it – helping you work smarter and improve operational efficiency, transparency and data accuracy.


Scale from a single-use solution to an enterprise deployment. CXAIR easily scales to fit your organisation and provides you with the same performance regardless of organisation size.


Only 20% of your data is structured. Unlock the insight held in your semi-structured and unstructured datasets such as images, social media streams, file systems and word documents in a single view of everything.


Natural language querying, interactive Venn diagrams and drag-and-drop report wizards mean business users can interrogate and manipulate data in real-time, without requiring outside assistance or training.


Enter data, organise it and create automated work flows from input to output. CXAIR provides you with a platform to build bespoke applications that suit your specific business needs.


Democratises data insight across your organisation and empower decision making with intuitive self-service technology. Collaborate and share reports to help drill into the detail that makes your business tick.

Don‘t let your industry be your limit

Regardless if you work in Finance, Healthcare or Retail we all want our data quicker and easier than before. CXAIR answers the questions you ask yourself every day, simply. We have solutions for:

  • Local Government
  • Utilities
  • Manufacturing
  • Hospitality

Start transforming your organisation and unlock the insight within your data.

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