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Connexica provides system integrators, resellers and software authors with unique technology and solutions, helping you to differentiate your offering in a highly competitive market.

Our vision is to provide Data Discovery and Management to everyone in the organisation and not limit it to IT departments and specialist analysts. To realise our vision our core platform CXAIR and associated solutions, including our innovative GDPR solution DDAM, have been designed to be truly self-service, providing users with the ability to gain actionable insight which has historically been locked in structured, semi structured and unstructured disparate datasets.

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If you are a consultant or a software vendor looking to add a data discovery platform to your current offering, our reseller partnership is the perfect fit for you.

Our reseller community is made up of analytics and reporting specialists who work with organisations to ensure they have the right solution for their customers’ requirements.

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Are you looking to embed a data discovery & management element, or an analytics & reporting module into your current offering?

Our OEM partnerships provide you with the flexibility and reassurance that whichever element you require, we will work with you to seamlessly integrate our technology with your solution offering.

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Whether you are looking to embed a data discovery or data management element into your current solution, add the finishing touch to an enterprise information strategy or resell our core platform or solutions, we have the right partnership for you.

We can help you stand out from the crowd, enhance your existing offering, improve your customer proposition and increase your competitive edge with a modern and innovative product.

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"Connexica are much more than just a partner; they are a true business friend."

Mark Hobart
Managing Director

"Working with Connexica for nearly 5 years has supported our growth and helped with the direction of a number of key business strategies."

Lee Duffield
Business Lead

"Connexica are always willing to help us deliver the best possible service to our customers."

Chris Finch
Managing Director
Total Intelligence

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