The Power Of Partnering: Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust Wins HCSA Procurement Technology Award

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Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust has been awarded the 2020 HCSA ‘Procurement Technology’ Award for the CXAIMS software suite developed in partnership with Connexica.

This award celebrates the team or project that has created an innovative, new or improved solution to support procurement’s value delivery and the digital transformation agenda.

The Journey To Enriched Data

When Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust started work with Connexica, it was hoping to create a platform to improve the visibility of its procurement data. However, as the project progressed, it evolved into something more profound: a solution to enable the trust to manage waste, improve processes and deliver better clinical care.

Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust was facing many of the issues faced by other trusts. Its data was held in many siloed systems, from where it could be hard to collate and would not yield the insights provided by viewing consolidated data.

Giving Visibility Of Procurement Data

By collating information from different systems and creating near real-time views of it CXAIMS was able to provide clear, accessible insights that are easy for operational and clinical staff to understand. Chris Slater (Associate Director, Commercial & Procurement) believes that £2 million worth of savings have been made by being able to run inventory more effectively, and that being able to automate clinical recalls will save the trust £80,000 a year.

Alex Hurley, Solutions Director at Connexica said – The project is a great example of partnership working between an NHS Trust and its supplier. This system was designed and specified by Leeds Teaching Hospitals, using its experience of the problems that an NHS organisation needs to solve and what it needs to see, and built by Connexica using our experience of delivering sophisticated analytics.

This really is designed by the NHS, built by the analytics experts, and we can’t wait to work with other organisations to address their data challenges and improve services for clinicians and patients.

Jordan Hope, Information and Ecommerce Manager at Leeds Teach Hospitals agrees – The vision of Connexica and the future for Leeds Teaching Hospitals is a holistic view of trust activity that incorporates enterprise resource planning solutions, inventory, catalogues, contracts, pharmacy, and any other available data.

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