Leading Healthcare Innovator Chooses Connexica

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Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, one of the UK’s leading healthcare innovators, has become the latest Trust to choose CXAIR from Connexica as the most, tailored and effective solution to the challenges of healthcare data. The Trust has gained recognition in recent years for its use of innovative informatics to improve the care of the 1.3 million people it serves, and it now looks to Connexica to deliver its Enterprise Information Management Solution (EIMS).

Employing over 2,600 staff across 47 sites brings with it many challenges, and having considered a wide range of potential systems, the Trust believes that the implementation of the CXAIR solution will provide a number of strategic benefits that cannot be matched by other offerings.

The five year contract, which will see Connexica’s CXAIR solution replace the existing warehouse system, will allow Surrey and Borders to quickly and seamlessly integrate data from the Trust using CXAIR’s smart search technology. This will deliver user-orientated analytics and statutory returns from within the solution.

Crucially, Connexica’s web-based platform fits within the Trust’s “hosted off-site” strategy, which has seen all systems and solutions hosted securely outside of the organisation. This means that staff across all 47 sites will be able to instantly access systems and data through a single web portal.

Surrey and Borders’ Director of Innovation and Development, Dr Helen Rostill, has reiterated the Trust’s reasons for its decision:

“CXAIR offers us a wide range of benefits and will allow us to gain greater commercial insights into the operation of the Trust. It will enable us to analyse research, innovation and service transformation, and give us detailed benchmarking insight against peers, allowing us to therefore improve our service of care.”

The project is scheduled to be delivered in 3 phases: the first will see the replacement of the existing data warehouse with tactical enhancements to reporting. This will be followed by new data sources, including external data feeds from WHO and NHS England, and provide secure access to specialist reporting to external stakeholders. The final phase will cover the entirety of the organisational data sources, including non-patient systems, for a complete, integrated solution.

Connexica’s Managing Director, Richard Lewis, has said:

“We are extremely proud to be working with Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust – so well-known for their leading innovation in improving the mental health and wellbeing of the communities it serves – and to see yet another Trust benefit from CXAIR.”

Surrey and Borders now joins an ever-growing number of NHS Foundation Trusts who have recognised the potential, and proven success, of Connexica’s CXAIR solution for the healthcare market.

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