Kent Intelligence Network registers savings approaching £300k in the last few months

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The award-winning Kent Intelligence Network (KIN) at Kent County Council has registered savings of nearly £300,000 in the last few months of operation.

The innovative data sharing partnership uses Connexica’s CXFIRE solution to join 13 local authority’s data sets together and identify any discrepancies that may indicate fraud is taking place.

The recent savings have mainly been made through the application of three core data matching algorithms:

• Matching the register of residents claiming Single Person Discount with the Social Housing waiting list to identify cases where a resident claiming to be living alone is making a social housing application with other adults
• Matching Small Business Rate applications across regions to identify cases where a business claiming relief is registered at more than one address, or where a business is claiming relief multiple times for different premises located across different districts

The KIN has recently deployed a third matching algorithm that compares Non-Domestic Rate data against the list of organisations registered as charities. A match is identified where an organisation claiming charitable relief is not present on the charities list.

The KIN project has gained industry recognition, with nominations for awards including the National Technology Awards Public Sector Project of the Year, and playing an integral part in CXFIRE provider Connexica winning the Sentinel Science and Technology Company of the Year award in 2016.

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