IT Specialists Connect Through New Initiative

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A new business partnership agreement between two leading IT organisations is set to offer a unique set of services to businesses across the UK.

Stafford-based Connexica and C24, the hosting and IT managed services provider based in Birmingham, are pleased to announce a new working relationship late last week.

Through this business partnership, C24 will be offering existing and new prospective clients the ability to have a view of their business; that is usually only available to large corporate organisations. The solution allows them to retrieve, analyse and report on business data, in virtually real time if required, enabling faster more accurate decision making. The data can be stored locally or the solution can be delivered from a ‘cloud’ based system.

The ability to create reports and dashboards as needed are examples of other strong benefits, as the solution removes the need for complex and costly IT interaction associated with other business intelligence solutions. The new service, provided by C24; branded BI24, will allow faster deployment, leading in turn to more accurate decision making and faster return on investment (ROI).

C24 Head Of Marketing, David Ricketts, commented:

“In our business, our clients are totally reliant on us delivering 100% uptime for their applications, services and business security. Most of our clients have a UK wide footprint, with a significant number having applications being delivered across the globe. As you can appreciate the amount of data being generated is significant and the need for true insight is becoming very important.
This is why we have built a relationship with Connexica as their solution is unique and fits well into our product portfolio, the solution will strike a chord with many of our existing clients and will help in our drive for new business ”.

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