DIO Drugstores Implements CXAIR

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DIO Drugstores, part of the Faco group of companies, signs an agreement with Systemation (Connexica’s representative in the Netherlands) to implement Business Intelligence using CXAIR.

The implementation of CXAIR, a next generation BI product, will be used for the analysis of DIO retail sales, credit management and category management optimization. The data from different data sources are indexed by CXAIR after which the users themselves through their browser, access and analyze the information.

Jos Jongstra (Faco Retail Director) and Jaap Franse (Director Systemation)

Faco cited the following important reasons for making a purchase decision in favour of CXAIR:

  • Very intuitive user interface meaning users can quickly become proficient in the tool.
  • Powerful reporting & analysis and unique use of Venn diagrams.
  • Rapid analysis and presentation of results, even over many millions of point of sale transactions, results appear in fractions of seconds on screen.
  • Even from standard reports users can easily do additional analysis, or click through to the underlying data to the lowest level data.
  • Users themselves can define and modify reports, queries, dashboards without needing to use IT specialists.
  • Value for money.
  • Industry knowledge of the supplier.

CXAIR is a new generation Business Intelligence tool based on powerful search technology. With CXAIR organizations have the ability to do ad hoc reporting and analysis whenever required. This is possible because of the use of search technology which not only makes querying and reporting very fast but also easy as users are already familiar with using search as a method of finding information in their daily lives. This means they do not have to rely on BI IT experts and/or power users to do the work for them.

The speed of access and manipulation of the data also means users can work at the lowest level of detail and then decide themselves what needs to be queried or reported on. This contrasts with traditional BI systems that tend to work with aggregated data in order to achieve the same level of performance . The low investment and operational costs associated with the use of CXAIR also mean the total cost of ownership is substantially lower than using traditional BI tools.

CXAIR was developed by Connexica in England, Systemation is Connexica’s authorised distributor in the Netherlands.

Contact Information

Kees Gelderblom
Westhaven 65

Tel: 0031 182 689 129
Web: www.systemation.nl

About D.I.O. Drugstores

D.I.O. is a drugstore with 170 stores in the Netherlands. All D.I.O. stores are owned by independent pharmacists. The franchise is characterized by a high level of service, a quality range at competitive prices, and staff with great knowledge. Every week there are special offers from well known brands, in addition, DIO offer a wide range of products under its own brand, Idyl.

About Systemation

Systemation (started in 2003) brings together supply and demand for new software technology. The focus is on software solutions that add value and innovation to the processes of its customers.

Systemation is active in the areas of process and data integration. These solutions are being used in all business sectors. Systemation acts as (sole) representative in the Netherlands or Benelux leading international software producers such as Connexica. Besides software solutions Systemation deliver a complete package consisting of support services, ranging from assisting with the selection process through implementation, technical support and software maintenance.

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