CXAIR New Release

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This month marks the release of the greatly anticipated CXAIR 2014.2.0, with the introduction of brand new functionality within the search powered analytics solution.

The main new feature of CXAIR is known as Pages. Pages is an extension of both Dashboards and Flow Reports, combining drag and drop positioning and multi-index reports. Pages represents the most complete report publishing package yet from CXAIR, allowing users to position elements anywhere on the page and layered on top of one another.

Managing Director of Connexica Richard Lewis says of the feature:

“Pages is the result of listening to customer feedback and developing a solution that both meets our own in-house needs and those of the customer. Pages takes the groundwork made with our previous reporting packages and brings it all together in one cohesive screen. Our vision is for the user to have no limits with report depth and design.”

Alongside Pages, Connexica have developed a group of new features to enhance the latest version of CXAIR. Sentiment analysis has been implemented which allows users to aggregate and index pure text, based on positive/negative sentiments. As well as this, the new alert feature notifies users when KPI’s change in scheduled reports, whilst a new commentary system provides a social media style interface within CXAIR for report sharing and in-house communication.

These new features, combined with the classic elements of CXAIR such as interactive Venn diagrams and natural language querying, provide an enhanced end-user experience resulting in faster and simpler reporting.

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