Connexica sponsors team in Scan Covery Trial 2013

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Connexica, in collaboration with its Dutch partner Systemation, have sponsored Team American Power (Team34) as they prepare to do battle with the incredibly harsh conditions that the Scan Covery Trial intends to throw at them.

With temperatures set to drop to minus 40°C and teams scheduled to drive over 7000 kilometres ploughing through snow and ice, it is safe to say that teams competing must make sure their cars are extremely durable.

So what vehicle, may you ask were Team American Power utilising for this extreme event?

A monstrous Dodge Ram 1500 Laramie with a 5.7 litre V8 engine which can output a whopping 400 hp. The vehicle also features an open exhaust system, presumably to aid in shifting snow out of their way due to the incredible noise it generates and a custom designed stainless steel roll bar to help bulk up the car (not that it needs any more bulking!).

The driver, Erik Brink and his navigator, Marcel Boere are to take on this event, where they must drive from the North Pole to the Netherlands and which pits them against just over 70 other teams that share a common goal; striving towards crossing the line and being crowned champions.

With the event beginning on the 4th January in Ulft, it is already well under way with all teams completing the first route and just starting the second route Team American Power currently sit in a respectable 11th slot after their impressive performance in the first route of the course. We can keep you up-to-date with a live feed of the team’s progress as they traverse the course by following our Twitter @ConnexicaUK or by following our Facebook or Linkedin pages.

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