Connexica Present at Staffordshire University’s First DigiTech Conference

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Staffordshire University 50 Years of Computing Excellence

Staffordshire University logoThis week saw Greg Richards, Connexica’s Sales and Marketing Director, present at DigiTech, a Digital Technology conference held at the University of Staffordshire. The conference, attended by students, celebrated the university’s 50th year of computing and digital teaching and acknowledged the growing importance of these fields in terms of future employment.

There were presentations from a number of different businesses that covered topics from the cloud to gaming technologies, each hoping to impart real-world knowledge and insight to a younger audience and encourage them to pursue careers in this emerging field.

Connexica’s Greg Richards gave an inspiring presentation regarding the rise of Big Data and the importance of Business Analytics in the 21st century. Students were encouraged to consider the vast amounts of data that are created every day and the ways in which we can use this information to gain meaningful insight into our contemporary world.

Following the conference, Greg has commented that ‘I was delighted to able to present at DigiTech and provide some insight to the students on the rise of big data and analytics, and the growing influence it has on both our professional and personal lives. It was great to see the students take an interest and from the questions posed at the end of the presentation it was clear to see their interest in the topic.

Connexica’s involvement within the conference served as a continuation of their strong working relationship with Staffordshire University and their support of the local area, having previously employed a number of graduates from the institution and taken students on placement within both the marketing and software development teams. Connexica hope to continue this relationship in the future and to keep inspiring bright, young graduates to join their growing team.

Khawar Hameed, a Senior Lecturer at Staffordshire University’s School of Computing, made the following remarks: ‘We’re very pleased that Connexica contributed to our DigiTech 2015 Conference – a further mark of the company’s commitment to its ongoing relationship with the University.  Working with companies like Connexica enables us to develop academic programmes that are not only informed by research and scholarship, but also by contemporary industry-driven needs and directions.  This ensures that our students undertake their programme of study in a vibrant innovation-driven environment, develop industry-relevant knowledge and skills – thus enhancing their employability, and leave the University equipped to start a career in their chosen field.  We look forward to continuing our relationship with Connexica, and hope to see them again at DigiTech 2016 next year.’

The conference also provided a chance for Connexica to showcase their own products and solutions that are combatting the technological challenges of today. CXAIR, their main solution, is a Business Analytics tools that is currently being used in a wide range of sectors including healthcare and local authorities to easily combine and interpret vast amounts of data.

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