Connexica and 848 Team Up to Put CXAIR in the Cloud

Thursday 20 October 2011
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Leading cloud computing vendors, the 848 Group have signed an agreement to integrate Connexica’s Business Intelligence application, CXAIR, into its growing portfolio of cloud solutions.

Through the partnership, the 848 Group will provide implementation, support and consultancy for CXAIR within the cloud, alongside their existing communication, collaboration, enterprise resource planning (ERP), and customer relationship management (CRM) solutions.

Commenting on the agreement, Chris Finch, Sales & Marketing Director at Connexica said, “This is a very exciting opportunity, which will really help us start to realise the potential for our technology to be used in a cloud environment.”

“Technically, we have always been able to deploy in this way, but it is important to work with an organisation such as 848, who already have the experience delivering apps to their customers through a cloud service,” he added.

With CXAIR’s search engine approach to data querying, users are able to use simple, natural language queries to interrogate all of the information in their organisation.

Rather than scrolling through pages of results, CXAIR provides users with the option of rapidly filtering results, using dropdown lists to drill down into ‘big data’, narrowing the search from millions of results to the records of interest within a matter of seconds.

The genius of CXAIR is that the product requires no technical querying or report writing skills to use, giving businesses the ability to answer data queries rapidly with the minimum amount of fuss, in a completely secure environment.

“Connexica have done a brilliant job at making Business Intelligence available to the non-technical, and with our ability to leverage the simplicity of cloud technology, Connexica’s CXAIR BI tool is delivered to the user via a simple browser,” said Nick Billington, Director of 848 Group.

CXAIR is available in the cloud for the 848 Group’s customers from October 2011.

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