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Connexica partner with Cognatio Systems

Monday 17 February 2014

Connexica, a software firm based in Stafford have signed a partnership agreement with UAE based company Cognatio Systems. Cognatio are a software solutions company who design, build and implement solutions allowing organisations to make sense of data and processes.

Connexica have built and developed a cutting-edge business analytics solution called CXAIR. The solution is based on search engine technology, allowing users to access their data with speed and simplicity and giving them the ability to report on the data using highly visual and interactive Venn diagrams and charting.

By signing up to a strategic partnership agreement with Connexica, Cognatio are able to resell and distribute CXAIR across the Middle East.

The partnership comes just a month after Connexica expanded into the South African market and the company already have a network of partners with companies based in the USA, Europe alongside a well established channel in the U.K.

Connexica are an ever-expanding company and have grown at a significant rate in recent years with several new partnerships and direct customers.

Head of Business Development Greg Richards says of the agreement “We are delighted to announce the partnership agreement with Cognatio. The team at Cognatio have real expertise with CXAIR and Business Analytics generally and will provide us with a strong presence in an area where we already have a number of successful implementations”.

Steve Raju, Director — Operations at Cognatio says “The addition of CXAIR to our product portfolio, increases our strength as an enterprise solutions provider. It complements and integrates our whole suite of solutions, not only in terms of product offering but also the domain expertise that CXAIR offer in the BI space”.

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