Age UK South Gloucestershire reduce time to insight with CXAIR

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In a move to improve data reporting, streamline data processing, and speed up time to insight, Age UK South Gloucestershire has selected CXAIR as their chosen data discovery and management platform.

Age UK South Gloucestershire is an independent local charity which has been working within its local community for over 20 years. The 30+ dedicated staff and 200+ volunteers deliver services and activities for older people across the South Gloucestershire area.

The nationally recognised Personalised Integrated Care Service currently creates a quarterly report for submission to the CEO which requires the team to combine data from five different CSV data files provided by two different external suppliers to gain a single view of a patient.

The process of creating this complex report, which previously took the charity up to three days, used a mixture of manual formatting and Excel Macros.

Using CXAIR the charity has been able to fully automate the report creation process, taking the delivery time down from three days to just a few minutes. The time and resource that the automation of this process has freed up is now available to use in addressing other organisational priorities.

Martin Green, Chief Executive Officer, Age UK South Gloucestershire “The production of reports using detailed information from multiple sources, in different formats was causing us a real headache!  Using CXAIR has meant that collated information is available whenever it’s required, and that monthly, rather than quarterly reports can routinely be created.  This is saving us time and improving the business information available, which is gold-dust when managing the service and negotiating potential future contracts with commissioners.” 

Gary Luke, Managing Director, Connexica “We are delighted to be working with Age UK South Gloucestershire. They are not alone in their data challenges and we currently work with a number of organisations who experience the similar pain points of time heavy manual processes, inaccurate data and incomplete data visibility reducing the time to insight. These challenges can seriously impact on the performance of an organisation if they are not addressed. CXAIR has already provided Age UK South Gloucestershire with some fantastic time savings results and we look forward to working together going forward.”

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