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Real-time Inventory Management and Alerting

Maximise ROI on your open and closed Inventory Management Systems

Inventory management solutions can be a costly investment and with budgets always tightening organisations need to be able to maximise that investment at all times. Issues such as cabinet reliability, failure to scan within open systems, over ordering and a lack of inventory visibility can have severe financial impacts on the organisation, as well as distracting operational resources from critical activities.

Obtain a holistic real-time view of data from multiple operational systems

Improve efficiency within materials management with a real-time view of your inventory management estate, from theatres to pharmacy. This real-time view includes automatic alerting:

An icon of a cabinet

Cabinet Responsiveness

orange vertical lines at different length

Low stock levels and stock outs

a blue clock with a exlimation point warning sign infront

Expiry warnings

Blue vertical lines that are at different heights

Stock levels

An orange clock with a exclamation point warning sign in front

Expiry dates

A pie chart with some sections filled and some are empty

System usage

CXAIR logo a blue circle on the outside of the C and a orange circle on the inside of the C

Live KPI’s and Dashboards = Actionable insight

CXAIR Inventory Management allows users to easily map and understand the organisational inventory landscape, helping you to drive efficiencies and reduce wastage, through a series of live KPI’s and dashboards. Quickly and easily visualise your inventory estate, optimise inventory levels, control inventory management systems, monitor cabinet up-time, and pro-actively respond to priority actions before they become issues.

Live KPIs include % null transactions, % cycle counts and % 90 days inventory split across theatres, wards and pharmacies, with email, text or in-app alerting when key thresholds are met or not met.

Unlock the insight required to make operational and organisational decisions