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Wednesday 29 February 2012

Since the turn of the year, it’s been head down planning and hitting the roads to get the New Year off to a flying start. During that time, I have not had the inclination or perhaps more surprisingly the inspiration to write my first blog of 2012 until now.

I have seen something with my own eyes that has made me question some of the decisions I have made recently with regard to purchasing hardware upgrades and deploying new kit.

So what is it that’s made me sit down and put this discovery into words?

It’s not all that new and may not too many appear all that amazing…

It’s the “Amazon Cloud”.

We have a couple of techies from our Dutch distributor staying with us in the UK for a few days and have been discussing hosting and cloud-based deployment.

One of their most recent initiatives is to set up an Amazon account and configure an instance of CXAIR that can be used as a playpen for BI consultants in the Netherlands. Invite people to familiarise themselves with the product and potentially join their growing band of resellers in the Netherlands.

Having been shown how things have been set up, the thing that got me excited was how everything has been commoditised.

Configuring a server is like ordering the toppings on pizza, order your basic size and style and the choose a few optional toppings…

All of this can be done by clicking on a few check boxes and navigating around a simple to use website.

Why do we bother buying our own hardware anymore? Why worry about having to return memory SIMMs because they don’t fit or work properly, having to slap in new disk controllers and disks? Why go for an upfront capital expense when the alternative is to pay as you go?

Buying and maintaining our servers is just not necessary anymore.

It’s time to concentrate on what we do best. Software.

The Cloud is here, I strongly recommend you give it a try and Amazon is a good place to start!

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