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Infrastructure Management

Optimised infrastructure for a smooth running service

Key to ensuring the continued success of any IT system is a reliable underlying technical infrastructure. To achieve this on an ongoing basis requires that the infrastructure on which the system is running is proactively maintained. Failure to do this can result in data refresh issues, poor responsiveness and lack of performance, and ultimately system unavailability. Where these issues appear on an ongoing basis the confidence that your users have in the systems running on that environment can be undermined.

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Whether you are running your Connexica system in a cloud-hosted environment or as a local ‘on-premise’ set-up you need to make sure that your infrastructure is performing at it’s best. The Connexica Infrastructure Management service takes on the responsibility for all aspects of the ongoing maintenance of the system hardware and provides you with the guarantees you need to ensure that infrastructure management of your Connexica environments will not present any problems you need to deal with.

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The Infrastructure Management service includes:

  • Active environment monitoring and alerting
  • Proactive service optimization opportunity monitoring
  • Operating system and software application patch / update management
  • Interface maintenance
  • Backup monitoring
  • Change management
  • Antivirus updates
  • Environment-related technical consultancy
  • Regular service reviews
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The Connexica Infrastructure Management service is typically deployed in conjunction with the Connexica Hosting service, however it can be used to help manage the hardware environment created to support an ‘on premise’ Connexica deployment. Where the Infrastructure Management service is used to support an ‘on-premise’ deployment a remote connection to the hardware must be made available.

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