Why should a B2B Tech company be jumping on the Twitter bandwagon?

Friday 4 July 2014

It will probably come as no surprise that the most followed twitter accounts in the world belong to Katy Perry, Justin Bieber and perhaps more reassuringly, Barack Obama. What do all these people have in common? Other than all being from the USA, it would seem that the world of twitter is extremely interested in what they’ve got to say.

It is probably safe to assume that these individuals haven’t paid digital marketing companies to increase their followers or plan a strategic content marketing campaign in order to capture the most followers possible and to engage followers with the right message. Of course in this case twitter is still being used as a marketing tool, Obama needs votes and artists need to sell albums, but some may say the whole process is easier for celebrities and influential people in comparison with a B2B Software company?

If you are part of a technology company who hasn’t yet jumped onto the twitter bandwagon, you’re being left behind! Whilst it may not seem like an obvious move (surely we don’t have as many interesting things to say as Barack Obama?) As Technology companies we must embrace social media as technically it is one of the many great brainchild’s of our industry.

Recently Twitter conducted a survey in association with marketing company Compete (@Compete) to understand how Tweeting can influence the B2B Tech audience. The study comprised of a group of Twitter users and a group who represented the average internet user. Some of the findings from the study showed that Twitter users who see Tweets from B2B Tech brands are more likely to visit the sites of the brands in question. When surveying Twitter users they were 19% more likely to visit the brand website than the average internet users, proving that having a presence on twitter pays off in terms of website traffic.

The study also showed evidence that brands with a presence on Twitter are able to catch better quality leads as twitter users visit websites with a higher likelihood to convert.

Tech companies may use Twitter for a variety of purposes, here at Connexica we think it is a great way of being able to educate and inform the world about not only our software CXAIR, but also the industry we’re in and the industries we sell into. Social media also gives a great opportunity to show your partners/customers and the general public any changes or developments at the company and show the human side of the business by communicating in a more informal way.

Since the beginning of the year we have been putting our Search Powered Business Analytics software CXAIR to good use in our marketing office. CXAIR allows us to index the followers of any twitter accounts that are of relevance to us and then use filters to narrow down, target and follow those people or companies who we wish to follow and who we wish to follow us. By using this strategy we have increased our followers by over 100% in only 6 months which we think is a great achievement!

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