CXAIR saves CIC £500,000 in six months

Monday 13 April 2015
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This week’s blog is focusing on one of our most successful CXAIR implementations of 2014. You can read an in depth case study here but if time is of the essence have a read of our blog below giving you the key details of the process.

Sirona Care and Health are a not-for-profit community interest company, providing community health and adult social care services since October 2011.

2014 saw Sirona take responsibility for learning disability and adult community services across the South Gloucestershire area which up until then had been using an expensive reporting method taking data from patient administration system RiO. The decision was made to utilise in house IT skills for the required reporting as this was already being done for other services. This move alone would save Sirona £500,000 in the first six months!

Sirona had only a six month time scale in which they wanted to seamlessly replicate 200 existing reports that were being used on RiO into our own Search Powered Business Analytics solution CXAIR. In order to achieve this task, a tripartite partnership was formed between Sirona themselves, Connexica and NHS implementation specialists Apira. This allowed the organisation to more easily migrate data from the existing RiO system, something which would have been significantly more difficult had it not been for the expertise of Connexica and Apira.

One of the benefits of creating partnerships of this nature was the ability for all sides to collaborate and create a working framework, allowing the project to remain agile should changes be needed or if any problems or issues arose.

When comparing this challenge to one of a similar nature in the NHS, the differences are clear. The NHS would require a fully costed and detailed specification as well as the time-consuming tender process – unless going through G-Cloud. Sirona’s commercial director Richard Tarring reflects on the task:

“We found the partners that we needed to deliver and then we engaged them. Other companies might have been phased without a detailed spec, but the flexibility that all parties brought to the table was reflected in the result”

The results of the uptake of CXAIR are benefitting both the team at Sirona and the patients in the community. Sirona now have the ability to access real time intelligence throughout the range of services they offer and the geographical area they serve.

Richard Tarring is extremely positive about the move, “As a not for profit organisation, Sirona is only interested in providing a better quality of care. The system has allowed us to do that from the moment it was rolled out.”

Some other benefits of the implementation of CXAIR include:

  • Redesigning services to improve internal efficiencies
  • The ability to follow patient journeys more closely
  • Using the solution to undertake ‘predictive patient care’
  • Encouraging other community services to make similar changes and move towards a more flexible and cost effective way of doing things

We at Connexica are convinced that if you see CXAIR you’ll want to try it out. Please drop us a mail at and we can organise a no obligation Webex demonstration dedicated to showing you how quickly CXAIR can make a difference to your business.

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