Blogs, Sprogs and Friends

Friday 6 December 2013

So we’ve just done our secret Santa in the office and about to disappear for our Company Christmas do.

…Now’s the time to start contemplating the year that’s almost up and the year ahead.

One thing that I’ve been poor at this year is blogging. When I started I used to blog frequently but then I guess I had a lot of things to say from my pre-blogger days.

Now I guess I’m more conservative and prefer to blog when I’m in the mood so looking at 2013, I must have been in the mood once in June which is a bit of a shocker.

I also used to Tweet on an almost daily basis but even my Tweets have dried up so I have to ask myself why?

My business Connexica has had a great year. More partners, more customers more revenue. My eldest son is in his final year at University and my daughter is enjoying a year of work and further education before leaving the nest next year to go to University and live the life…

…So why the lack of blogs? Why the lack of Tweets? Why the apparent disinterest in Social media?


Our company now has a social media strategy which is not owned by me but our marketing department.

Tweets are now organised around the business, our company’s areas of expertise and aligned with our goals of making a noise, getting noticed and making friends.

Despite the lack of blogs, my interest in social media has never been greater.

I did a webinar this morning for a partner on the subject of Social Media and how the information gleaned from Tweets, Facebook, Blogs, and Web traffic, On-line advertising needs to be harvested and linked to your back office systems.

From a development perspective, we have been busy extending our product to interface into more and more cloud and social media services such as Office 360, Google Drive, Salesforce, LinkedIn et…

My blog back in May 2011 titled “Panning for Gold with your Water Wings on” has never rang more true with the need to harvest more and more data from more and more data sources.

2014 is going to be an interesting year. I might not be blogging all that much but I will be driving forward our social media strategy and finding more and more exciting ways of extracting value out of the Tsunami of data heading our way.

One thing I have learnt however is it’s not about big data. Data is big and getting bigger. The data that we’re interested in is big but not supersized. It’s about relevance, integration and pulling out valuable content from the huge data streams and not leaving you with a pool of big data which is hard to search and make sense of.

Our product CXAIR is about ease of use, speed and providing business users with the tools to make sense out of complexity and relevance out of apparent irrelevance.

I am passionate about this which has made me finally sit at my keyboard and type down a few ramblings. It will be interesting to see how things pan out next year. See what the next big thing is and do my utmost to make sure that next thing is CXAIR by Connexica.

Have a great XMAS and a prosperous 2014!

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