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Cloud-hosting tailored according to your needs

Connexica solutions can be deployed either ‘on-premise’ or in the Cloud according to your preference – our technology functions equally well either way.

If you choose a cloud-based installation you have the option of either arranging for the provision of the hosting service yourself, or of procuring the service via Connexica. Connexica have relationships with a variety of different cloud hosting provider partners, and we will work with the appropriate partner (selected according to your specific needs) to design and build a hosted infrastructure which meets the specific requirements of your system.

Image of the back of a server

Connexica hosting partners have all of the appropriate technical and professional accreditations (including ISO:27001) and deploy a wide range of privacy features and protocols to ensure the security of the your data, meaning that you can relax in the knowledge that your data is being looked after in compliance with recognised industry standards, legislative requirements, and best practice. All data is hosted in UK-sovereign data centres.

Image of a person using a computer in front of a server rack

There are many advantages of running your Connexica system in a cloud-hosted deployment, including:

  • Secure data – ensure that even the most sensitive data you may hold is maintained in an appropriately secure way
  • Less IT overhead – avoids adding to the burden of your already fully occupied IT team
  • Easy to scale – add additional capacity and processing resource as required to keep your environment in line with requirements as your system evolves and grows
  • Speed of setup – have your environment up and running in minutes
  • Ease of recovery – recover applications and data more accurately and quickly, with typically lower down-time
  • Connexica experience – benefit from the experience that Connexica have developed over many years of providing hosted services for our clients
image of a server room

The Connexica Hosting service is typically deployed in conjunction with the Connexica Infrastructure Management service to remove the responsibility for all set-up and ongoing environment management tasks from the client.

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