CXAIR for Health: Unify

The challenge involved in bringing together disparate data sets from the multitude that are managed within a typical healthcare organisation is a job that should not be underestimated.

However, once the data is available within a single unified view there are significant benefits that can be delivered when it comes to helping you better understand the activity currently undertaken by the organisation and to provide the insights to drive efficiencies and make improvements.

CXAIR for Health: Unify enables you to quickly and easily bring together a view of your data (both structured and unstructured) to provide a single-version of the truth upon which you can build a wide range of content-rich analytics using the tools provided. The natural language query interface enables both clinical and non-clinical users to benefit by providing immediate answers to ad-hoc questions rather than relying on IT experts. All data within the system is held securely and access is granted according to a highly configurable range of fine-grained access controls.

CXAIR is easy to deploy and ‘live’ content can be operational and delivering benefits within days of implementation – no need for costly and time-consuming IT delivery projects.

Connexica have allowed us to put our data together how we want, rather than trying to work to someone else’s model.

Ben Womack ,
Systems Development Manager ,
The Leeds Teaching Hospital


  • Enable users to find their own answers to ad-hoc questions via the natural language interface without the need for specialist IT skills
  • Quickly create a wide range of analytic and reporting content and securely distribute them to your users in a way that ensures the security and integrity of the data
  • Configure the analytic outputs so they present a tailored view for each user, depending on their role and data security privileges
  • Delivers consistent and reliable information by providing reporting off a single version of the organisation’s data truth
  • Remove reliance on locally developed Excel-based solutions
  • More efficient information delivery frees-up IT / departmental time and resources for other initiatives
  • Encourage innovation by making access to data insights more accessible and immediate
  • Very rapid ROI – deploy and begin delivering benefits within days

Increase the availability, quality, and accuracy of your information and encourage innovation by empowering your staff with CXAIR for Health: Unify

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