CXAIR for Health: Regulate

In a highly regulated industry like healthcare there are numerous data returns that must be made on a regular basis for an organisation to demonstrate compliance with the legislation.

Where the data required for inclusion in a submission is held in multiple systems or is constructed based on complex rules the task of generating the return can be an onerous one.

Unless the organisation has this process firmly under control the effort (and therefore the cost) to manually construct a return can be significant – many teams employ at least one person whose main responsibility is the ongoing management and regular submission of their regulatory data sets.

CXAIR for Health: Regulate helps you to manage your regulatory burden by providing a platform to automate the process of constructing and submitting your data returns in the form of replicable reports and extracts. Free up resources within the team to work on more rewarding activities which contribute to the more strategic objectives of the organisation, safe in the knowledge that your statutory returns are being taken care of for you.

We knew we had this wealth of data but we also knew we lacked the analytical capabilities to do anything with it.

Stuart MacMillan ,
Scan4Safety Programme Lead ,
The Leeds Teaching Hospital


  • Ensure the consistency and reliability of your regulatory submissions
  • Deliver replicable returns rather than one-off static reports
  • Automate the process of creating (and even submitting) a return
  • Reduce the resources and therefore the costs associated by making submissions
  • Improve data quality
  • Create a robust foundation of joined up data which can be leveraged for other analytic purposes
  • Quick and easy deployment

Take the sting out of your regulatory reporting challenges with CXAIR for Health: Regulate

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