CXAIR for Health: Procure

All NHS organisations are under severe and ongoing pressure to realise efficiencies and make significant cost savings whilst at the same time freeing up clinicians’ time to focus on the patients.

The Carter report identified the Procurement function as one of the areas of the operation where there was significant potential for making improvements that would help deliver on these objectives.

The focus on Procurement has drawn attention to the fact that due to historic low levels of investment many hospitals have relatively immature supply chains that are often not managed in a strategic way. The procurement landscape, particularly in larger organisations with more complex networks, typically involves the use of many different IT systems where data is fragmented and siloed in disparate data stores with different coding structures and nomenclatures, and with significant amounts of spend that is not under management at all. Key to enabling the Procurement function to realise it’s potential for generating maximum organisational efficiencies and cost savings is the need to take control of that data in such a way that it can be used to deliver actionable insights into the procurement landscape to drive the necessary change.

CXAIR for Health: Procure enables you to unlock the power inherent within your data by combining supply chain, catalogue, financials, and other data sets to create a single view of your Procurement function. The comprehensive pre-packaged analytics provides an out of the box solution which runs on this single data view to provide you with the visibility needed to take back control of your spending and optimise your processes at all levels of operation – including for example, managing product recalls efficiently, identifying bottlenecks in the requisitioning process, performance managing suppliers, etc.

CXAIR for Health: Procure Modules

  • Procure-2-Pay – Optimise your end-to-end Procurement processes through actionable insights based on a single view of your data.
  • Model Hospital – View a locally maintained version of the Model Hospital metrics for your organisation, enabling you to get an ongoing view of your performance (and where necessary to take corrective action) in advance of submission and official publication.
  • Scan4Safety – Developed in conjunction with Scan4Safety (S4S) Demonstrator site Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, the Scan4 Safety module enables organisations to make full use of the wealth of new data collected via the S4S programme. By combining S4S data with other procurement data sets the Trust has a comprehensive view of patient treatment starting from when the patient enters the hospital, right until the moment they leave – including the locations they have visited during their stay, the products that are associated with them, the staff who have treated them etc.

The savings of clinical time alone in this area is around £80,000 a year which can be redirected towards the patient.

Ben Womack ,
Systems Development Manager ,
The Leeds Teaching Hospital


  • Delivers a wide range of pre-configured analytics and dashboards covering all aspects of the Procurement process
  • Developed in conjunction with Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust – a recognised leader in NHS procurement
  • Identifies weaknesses within current processes and helps with the delivery of change and process redesign programmes
  • Helps Trusts on the Scan-4-Safety programme to begin to realise the investment they have made in the initiative and deliver on its potential benefits.
  • Gives Trusts an advance view of how Model Hospital submissions will be interpreted by the national system before the submission is made.
  • Encourages innovation by making access to data insights more accessible and immediate
  • “Plug and play” solution delivers rapid ROI – connect up your data sources and immediately begin to realise the benefits
  • Enterprise-wide availability means that all interested users within the organisation can get a view of the solution tailored to their specific requirements and data security privileges.

Remodel your procurement processes to deliver efficiency savings and improvements in patient care based on the actionable insights provided by CXAIR for Health: Procure

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