CXhealth: GDPR

The introduction of the GDPR legislation in May 2018 has had a big impact on Healthcare organisations.

One aspect of the GDPR has been particularly onerous: the ease with which patients, relatives, and staff can raise Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs) and the consequent high volumes of DSARs that organisations are typically processing has put an additional strain on already hard-pressed Information teams.

Manually creating comprehensive responses to DSARs require an analyst to pick through a complex series of databases, operational systems, unstructured file systems etc. to locate all references to the requesting individual. Without assistance this task will invariably be time-consuming, and prone to error and omission.

CXHEALTH-GDPR helps you to automate the process of managing and responding to DSARs by identifying all references to the person making the information request. This information can then be used to generate a report for distribution that you can have confidence will be comprehensive.

Other features of CXHEALTH-GDPR include the ability to satisfy the requirement for documenting your data processing activities, identify the incidence and volume of personal and sensitive data located within your systems and file stores to enable you to put in place appropriate protective measures, identify duplicate data/documents to assist with data minimization etc.


  • Automate the process for responding to DSARs
  • Reduce resource required to manage GDPR commitments
  • Demonstrate compliance with key data management aspects of the GDPR legislation
  • Satisfy the requirement for documenting data processing activity
  • Identify privacy risk within your data
  • Works for both structured (databases, spreadsheets, etc.) and unstructured data (network filestores, GoogleDrives etc.)
  • Identify duplicate data / documents that you are holding to assist with data minimisation.

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Reduce the resources and costs associated with meeting the ongoing obligations of GDPR by using CXHEALTH-GDPR.

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