CXAIR for Health: Archive

Current legislation and industry best-practice require that all organisations that manage healthcare records must maintain a historical copy of those records for a specific period once they are no longer considered active.

The Records Management Code of Practice for Health and Social Care published by the Information Governance Alliance sets out the guidelines which organisations should comply with, and the retention periods which apply to the different types of records the organisation may have under management.

Implementing and maintaining an effective process for managing historical records can be an onerous responsibility. Keeping track of the organisation’s historical data in way which automates the process of managing varying retention periods in line with the published guidance whilst ensuring that the data remains available for access removes some of the associated headaches whilst providing a way to leverage value from these types of data.

CXAIR for Health: Archive helps you to demonstrate compliance with the IGA code of practice by providing a mechanism for long-term data storage within an archive environment which conforms to NHS data security standards. Record maintenance schedules and associated alerting functions mean that different types of record can be managed according to specified retention policies and managers are notified when purging activity is required. Data within the archive is always accessible and can be queried on an ad-hoc basis or reported on as part of research programmes etc.

The decision would deliver an annual £500,000 saving and would give us the ability to redesign services around the needs of patients and service users.

Richard Tarring ,
Commercial Director ,

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  • Archive all types of healthcare records in all types of electronic formats
  • Archived records are stored separately to the source, so there is no impact on the performance of clinical or operational source systems
  • Manage retention schedules using configurable rules
  • Configure alerting to notify managers when record retention period ends
  • Query across a single-view of all data sources included within the archive
  • Create more in-depth reporting to facilitate research projects
  • Data is protected by industry strength security controls including role-based access to the archive
  • Data can be stored in encrypted format as required
  • Cost effective solution
  • Quick and easy deployment

Meet your archiving obligations whilst ensuring that historical data is still readily accessible with CXAIR for Health: Archive.

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