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The healthcare industry is currently facing challenges on an unprecedented scale. In an environment characterized by spiralling demand, budgetary pressure, increased regulation, and uncertainty, it is universally accepted that the system needs to make significant and systemic changes if it is to continue to deliver high quality care whilst keeping costs under control.

One asset available to all healthcare organisations which is not currently being fully exploited is the vast amounts of data that is routinely generated by all areas of the operation. CXAIR for Healthcare enables you to realise the potential within this data and unlock the opportunities that it offers for improving the quality of care, delivering efficiencies, and making savings.

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Join disparate data sets into a combined view of organisational information and deliver insights that your clinicians and operational users can trust at a departmental or enterprise-level.
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Performance manage your organisation or department with real-time KPI tracking to ensure that it remains on course and hits its targets.
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Unlock the power of your procurement data and use the insights it delivers to maximise the efficiency of your processes and save money.
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Take the effort out of regulatory compliance by automating the process of producing and submitting organisational or departmental returns.
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Increase levels of trust and save money by identifying potentially fraudulent transactions within your operations and supply chain and help stem the increasing tide of economic crime within the NHS.
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Maintain data that is subject to defined retention periods in a secure and accessible way which does not impact on operational or clinical systems.
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