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GS1 Compliance and Scan4Safety

Connect your data to your hospital with Scan4Safety

Acute trusts, healthcare providers and suppliers currently working towards or planning their GS1 strategy are now able to seamlessly connect with their Scan4Safety data with the power of CXAIR to discover new insights without impairing operational activities.

Easily assess your organisation’s current GS1 compliance and by using Scan4Safety data link together information from throughout the hospital into a real-time single view of performance.

Interfacing with external suppliers and internal systems you are now able to create:

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Activity and output reports

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Display data on live dashboards

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Schedule reports for distribution

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Interrogate information on an ad-hoc basis

Gain a holistic view of your inventory landscape

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Procurement teams can now quickly and easily track large volumes of stock both at an individual hospital level or across any number of trusts quickly and easily, helping them to gain valuable insight into areas within the inventory landscape by mapping the complete journey from order to consumption, cataloguing and practitioner to patient.

GS1 procurement provides you with the visibility to:

  • Highlight areas where patient safety can be improved
  • Identify areas where operational efficiencies can be enhanced
  • Monitor the ongoing effectiveness of clinical processes

Discover your data in one central view

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